December 9-11th!

Welcome to the Fuchur, a retrospective historical exhibition that examines 22nd century culture from the enlightened perspective of our 23rd century civilization. With such a robust and tumultuous past behind us, no single showcase could ever comprehensively represent such a formative period in human history.

Nevertheless, in our first look back, we intend to focus on the most turbulent issues that created the world we know today.  We must remember the fault in our ways and avoid the malevolency that once plagued our ever-evolving human spirit.

Welcome to the Fuchur

A Note on Language and Cerebral Augmentation

The show’s unique spelling of the word future harkens back to a time of degraded language. For those who lack historical context, 22nd century communication relied heavily on image-based messaging and holoportation, with a lack of focus on language principles that made childish spellings not only commonplace but part of the zeitgeist.

While formal, written communication has lost its utilitarian vitality in our contemporary world, we’ve aimed to preserve lesser forms of language for history, entertainment, and periodic necessity. As Americans, and the primary originators of many 22nd century complications, we’ve chosen English as our mode of communication. For the most authentic experience, we request you disable any cerebral implants or augmentation devices when visiting the exhibit.

Special Stuff!

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at the Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles!

Friday, Dec 9th: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Saturday, Dec 10th: 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Sunday, Dec 11th: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

General admission is free!

Free gifts for the first 100 people to arrive on Friday!

Serial Killer Speed Dating: Fukbot Edition, one time only, from 9:00 - 11:00 PM on Saturday.  A live Fuchuresque recording of the Awkward Human podcast at 12:00 PM on Sunday!

* If your lifespan precedes the 23rd century, do not concern yourself with the ramifications of "spacetime travel."  If you've found us by accident, you're likely unfamiliar with dimensional repositioning and operating under a false understanding of the nature of spacetime.  Many 4D nodes proliferated the concept of altering the past.  The existence of a past, present, and fuchur are oversimplified metaphors for fourth dimensional travel.  Depending on your lifespan, ability, and position in the primary infinite set, you may obtain a full understanding of additional dimensions.  If not, please do not trouble yourself with false representations of time and their resulting consequences.  Interacting with our fixed point will not cause you harm nor affect your primitive understanding of the spacetime "continuum."

** Updates will alert you of new fixed points and dimensional nodes you can visit.  Your information, in whatever form it is provided, will not be repurposed as currency nor provided to the Synthetic Democracy.  We have received our FFEFF Special Designation for Education and are not required, by any agency, to disclose provided personal data collected from non-23rd century life.

*** Metaverse and Mindchip users, as well as users of comparable platforms, will not see a form.  If you do see a form, please empulse VEC node 21002199K5.  Earlier electronics will see a form that can be filled manually, automatically, or through MMI.  Analog forms will include fax, telegraph, postal mail, raven, or trade contact instructions based on nodal coordinates.  Please follow instructions to the letter.  If your instructions note a designated color, that color is currently GREEN.

Stay Behind!

We come from the 23rd century, but you may not.  We've created a fully-propagated dimensional fixed point* to maximize exposure to our important event.  As opportunities arise, we will establish additional fixed points and local samplings of the retrospective for a limited time at available 4D nodes*.

To stick to your timeline while keeping abreast of our accomplishments, please fill out the form below to receive updates**.  Your form will represent the most efficient and effective method of communication for your time period***.


Until Los Angeles node activation...

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